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As stated in our introductory post five of our first posts will be what Keep Oro Valley Strong (KOVS

As stated in our introductory post five of our first posts will be what Keep Oro Valley Strong (KOVS) has identified as the 5 most pressing issues facing Oro Valley. Here is our #1 issue.


It is difficult these days to turn on your television or computer and not see at least one article or post about crime. Whether it’s the sad statistics that come out of Chicago or some smash and grab from out neighbor to the west. Sadly Arizona is not immune from record crime statistics. The murder record in Tucson was broken this year and sadly the daughter of an Oro Valley resident was the victim.

Over the past few years Oro Valley has been recognized as the safest town in Arizona several times. Most of our longer term residents know this fact. Many of our newer residents used this statistic as a key reason to relocate our great community. A vast majority of businesses that have opened in the past 5 years have indicated that public safety was a strong driver in their decision to open a business here.

So how did Oro Valley get to be the safest town in Arizona? It wasn’t by accident. It wasn’t just a coincidence. We became the safest town in Arizona and one of the safest communities in the United States as a result of the efforts of one person.

Danny Sharp, former police chief and candidate for Mayor of Oro Valley.

After a long and successful career in the Tucson Police Department, Chief Danny Sharp was chosen to replace retiring Chief Werner Wolff. Chief Sharp was a strong advocate of Community Policing. He strongly believed in, “You call a cop, you get a cop!” He created a citizens task force to make recommendations. He listened to ideas not only from his staff, but from the community.

The Oro Valley Dispose-A-Med program was an idea of the CDO Student Government and the School Resource Officers assigned there. They proposed to go public with the program and Chief Sharp Ok’ed the idea without hesitation. He engaged the Oro Valley Optimist Club to assist in that program. Thousands of pounds of drugs have been properly disposed of since that time and it has become a monthly event and is now mirrored throughout Arizona

Likewise Drug Awareness Day, another local community program coming out of Painted Sky Elementary School, was blessed by then Chief Sharp. This too has become a local signature event.

Tucson has become one of the fastest growing crime centers in the US. The fastest route from the southern Arizona border to Phoenix is north through Tucson on I-10. But there is always a ‘back way’. And that back way runs right through Oro Valley on state route 77/79. We needed a strong, active police department.

In his last budget presentation, before retiring in February 2020, then Chief Sharp recommended adding four more police officers to the budget. That budget was approved by the existing town council; however those funds were never allocated.

Keeping public safety as the highest priority is not a luxury. It’s a necessity if we are to remain a Community of Excellence!!

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