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On July 6, 2022, Pima County began the mailing of ballots to voters on the early voting list. IF you believe you are on that list and have not received your ballot please contact Pima County.

While there are many races being contested, to the residents of Oro Valley none are as important as the Town Council election! The Mayor and three Council seats are on the ballot on page 2.

Allow me to take a moment to review the past four years.

Because of the budgetary constraints, imposed by the Winfield Slate (Winfield /Barrett/ Jones-Ivey/Nicolson) the OVPD has had to dramatically reduce the motor patrol which has resulted in increased traffic issues (speed, red light running and accidents) and a slower response time. Off duty officers have to work overtime to maintain patrol levels. Two high school resource officers were pulled from protecting our students (CDO HS (1) and Ironwood Ridge HS (1)) to fill patrol vacancies.

The ADA entrance to the Community Center has been ignored for 3 ½ years. We spent millions of dollars on playgrounds, tennis courts and dumped $27 million, that was not necessary or required, into a retirement system. But we couldn’t find a dime to spend on our mobility challenged residents and visitors. That’s inexcusable. Council woman Jones-Ivey, referred to the discussion on the ADA improvements as “POLITICAL CRAP”!!!

In the past year alone, the Winfield cabal has put Oro Valley in debt to the tune of $52,000,000, while they stare a multi-million drop in sales tax in the face.

Let’s also not forget that the first year of the Winfield reign was dedicated to closing the El Conquistador golf courses.

Cast your mail-in ballot today, or go to the polls on Election Day AUGUST 2, 2022!!!!





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