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WELCOME 2022!!

Updated: Jan 2


KEEP ORO VALLEY STRONG is pleased to announce its new blog, ORO VALLEY INSIDE SCOOP!!!

Beginning in January 2022 we will be posting a plethora of information and detailing events that have occurred since November 2018 in Oro Valley when Mayor Joe Winfield, Vice Mayor Melanie Barrett and Council members Joyce Jones-Ivey and Josh Nicolson took office. But most importantly we will be telling you why we cannot afford four more years of their incompetent leadership.

You will be able to comment, ask questions, disagree without being disagreeable and suggest topics. Our promise to you that this site will be an accurate source of information so when August 2, 2022 rolls around you will be armed with the knowledge needed to cast an intelligent vote.

Our first five posts will be devoted to those topics that we feel are the most important issues relevant to Oro Valley. They are, in priority order:

1. Public Safety

2. Growth/Annexation

3. Transparency

4. Property Taxes

5. Economic Development

On January 1, 2022, we will be 212 days away from the next Oro Valley Town Council election. This election is critical to the future of Oro Valley. We are facing a crisis that has been hidden from the general public.

Stay tuned and get engaged!!

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